Winter melts and flowers bloom as Shaynna Blaze, official ambassador for Taubmans, announces their new Spring colours.

Invited to the Taubmans new Spring Colours and Taubmans Transformation Tools launch (plus lunch) I was a little nervous when I first saw the mini paint easels and paint sample pots on every table.  As a home renovator…I paint WALLS!  I am not an artist and will never pretend to be – though over the years I have thrown a few bits and bobs on canvasses through necessity, it is definitely not my strong point.

However, reassured by Shaynna Blaze and the Taubmans marketing team I made a start and quite like what came together on that tiny canvas in front of me.  Inspired by a room full of tables with beautiful spring flowers perfectly arranged in painted mason jars, I quickly fell in love with the colours they provided us in our pots – lovely pastels – pinks, blues, soft greens.  In Shaynna’s words “Crisp pastel tones that capture the change of the seasons and create a refreshing palette in the home. These colours will vary from soft pinks in peach and salmon hues, through to mint greens and deeper teals. My favourite Taubmans colours this spring are Really Rose, Pink Clay Pot, Swordfish, Dancing Water and Traveller”

Painting at Taubmans Spring colour launch

Painting at Taubmans Spring colour launch

Taubmans Spring colour launch with Shaynna Blaze

Taubmans Spring colour launch with Shaynna Blaze

Shaynna revealed her initial fear of pastels – that the colours scream 1980.  Having lived through that time, including the Mission Brown and the ‘paint every wall Salmon’ phase I could totally relate….after all, it seems like only yesterday (showing my age right there!).  However, these colours are new to the younger ones in the room and Taubmans has produced many new tones.  So, Taubmans have ensured that the eighties ‘Salmon’ is a little more pink; is lovely, fresh and usable and not at all girly when partnered with charcoal grey, light grey or black furnishings.  The soft greens look amazing when partnered with warm copper or brass and mid oak wood. The blues are cool and calming, perfect for hot Summer days and ALL of these colours would look amazing in a babies room.

Sample pots Taubmans Spring colours

Sample pots Taubmans Spring colours

Along with their new Spring colours, Taubmans market research identified that the most common problem with DIY painters was getting started, that they really didn’t know what to do, so their have added the following Taubmans Transformation Tools to help:

The Paint Planner    Planning guide with timeline and shopping list

How To Videos    Information tips and tricks on how to paint by Shaynna

Paint your own Room Tool   Upload an image of a room and digitally add colour to see what it looks like.

Walls in Taubmans Pink Clay Pot

Colour Pink Clay Pot

Taubmans Colour Swordfish

Colour Swordfish

So there’s lots to see on Taubmans website this Spring:-

This is not a sponsored post (although Taubmans did provide lunch!).  Belinda Westblade and I have been using Taubmans paints for years, love the colours and paint quality and have always recommended them.

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