Very Dated Kitchen With Dysfunctional Layout Get’s Modern Makeover That’s Light, Bright and Fantastic To Use As Both Chef’s Kitchen and The Center Of Family Life.

Renovation includes storage room conversion into butler’s pantry.

This basement unit was dank, outdated and unappealing. Client wanted to let it out on Airbnb to generate income.

We added a light fresh feel, with a choice of durable elegant materials and a completely gutted and rebuilt kitchenette and bathroom, this entire job was completed within a budget of just $15,000

From derelict old cottage to gorgeous English country charm.

Belinda took this tired old cottage and breathed new life into it completely renovating and restyling the entire home and landscaping. She turned something that looked like it needed a bulldozer into a charming, warm cottage that people would fight over at auction.

Huge Increase In Street Appeal

The Belinda’s renovation on this house allowed a big increase in rent turning this house into a fantastic source of positive cashflow

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