Summer is on its’ way! In fact after spending the entire weekend at the beach, it is already feeling like Summer here on the far North Coast. As soon as that warmer weather hits I’m thinking of ways to get my home ready for Summer! The heat means it’s time to tweak a few things around the house and make it easy living for Summer. Here are our tips to get your home Summer ready:

Kyle and Kara Long Jetty


As we all know Summer is mostly spent in the great outdoors and that usually means we are using our outdoor living spaces more than ever. Make the most of your outdoor space by making it inviting enough to spend long Summer day out there. Make sure it is practical for the whole family and for entertaining, whether you need to add extra seating, tables or benches, making sure it is a usable space for everyone is key! Adding new cushions, outdoor rugs and plants really helps give an outdoor area a face lift just in time for Summer too.

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This time of year is also a great time to do a little rearranging to make your living spaces flow. Summer is all about easy living, so make it work by rearranging and reorganising furniture and clutter to make your home feel lighter and cooler for Summer. Just changing things around to make the living areas flow better will make a huge difference when it is boling hot in the middle of Summer and you don’t want your living space to feel cluttered. Make the most of the fresh air by re-positioning furniture to capture the breezes.

Make these small changes for the warmer months and you will notice a big change in the way you use your home! How do you get your home ready for Summer? We would love you to share your tips and tricks in the comments below!