As many of you know we recently completed stage two of our house build! This second stage of the build included a master bedroom and en-suite bathroom, which we are totally in love with. The finishes and colours we have used have turned out beautifully and I am really happy with everything we chose. I have shared a couple of pictures of our new bathroom on The 2 Belinda’s Instagram, but I thought I would share a little more here.

We Decided to keep the same colour scheme as our main bathroom for the ensuite, so we went with charcoal and white. To add some texture we added a herringbone feature wall in the shower and I absolutely love how it turned out. For the ensuite tiles we ended up getting them all from Beaumont tiles, they had the most competitive prices for the quality of tiles we chose and they were very helpful when we were deciding which tiles to use for the feature in the shower. Choosing to have a feature tile in the bathroom can be a risk, as they can quickly date, but sticking to a grey and white colour palette means we still have a feature wall, but in a timeless way. In our main bathroom we had a niche built into the wall for storage, but we decided not to do this in the ensuite, as we wanted the feature wall to be one solid wall of tile. The grey floor tiles we chose have a concrete look to them and come in three different shades, we went for a slightly lighter grey than our main bathroom, to help make this bathroom appear a little bigger.

We changed the lay out of the ensuite a few times, but we decided on this lay out because it gave us the largest shower space, which we love! The large rectangular wall tiles also help the space appear bigger and work really well with the grey floor tile and white herringbone on the walls, I chose a grey grout for the feature wall to really make the herringbone stand out.

Our vanity, tap and mirror were sourced from Highgrove bathrooms and we are extremely happy with them! We needed a relatively small vanity to fit in between the louvre windows and the Eden vanity from Highgrove bathrooms fitted perfectly. We opted for a stone top in snow white for durability and the eden sink. When \choosing tap ware we had a few different choices, obviously the tap had to work with the sink I had chosen, but we also wanted good quality and timeless. Although there were plenty of options in black tap ware, and I do love the look of it, in the long run I feel that it will date, so decided to go for chrome. Overall we are really happy with how our bathroom turned out and there aren’t many things we would do differently. If you would like to know where we sourced everything see the links below.

Vanity, Tap ware, sink, toilet Highgrove Bathrooms.

Tiles: Beaumont Tiles

Towels: Adairs and The Beach People

Accesories: Pillow Talk and The Divine Company